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Will AI replace You??

AI will replace you, as a writer!!!

AI doesn’t get tired.

AI doesn’t get writer’s block.

AI doesn’t get distracted.

AI is my sparring partner and cost-effective.

You’re replaceable as a writer if you think the purpose of writing is to write.

But it’s not.

The writer’s job is to think and be an organic channel or medium for creativity first! Writing is not a mechanism to transfer one person’s thoughts to another and show us what has been done before decade after decade.

Let's look at it precisely and the evolution of writing. Before the printing press, scribes had to tediously handwrite each manuscript, but when the printing press was invented, the role of scribes evolved, and they needed to adapt to new skills, such as:

  • Proofreading

  • Editing

  • Typesetting

AI advances, fast! Traditional writing will be replaced by assembling pre-written content. And just as the printing press demanded scribes to adapt and master new skills, writers in the AI era will need to become more than ever, skilled at:

  • Seeing Storytelling as Craft

  • Ethical Persuasion

  • Good old Psychology

Remember? If not , well if you’re don’t understand the above skills and understand the craftsmanship, it doesn’t matter what Chat GPT spits out. It's very clear and simple: we are feeding Open AI. As we are the parents of the development, WE HAVE TO GO WITH THE MOVEMENT AND BE CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT.

If you don't understand Structure, Hooks, Twists, Principles of Antagonism, Character Dimensions and the vast possibilities of playing with your story ideas and characters, you won’t understand how to piece it together to achieve your desired effect. AI cannot serve you the best this way. There are many discussions at the moment. Even the EU parliament is thinking in terms of minimal to big threats!

Why is everyone saying that it might be the end for many writers, brand cosultants and commercial storytellers, or or or...??? We should be doubling down on what we as humans connect with:

Channeling Creativity and feelings. Thinking and Feeling. Feeling and Thinking again. And keep in mind that we should enjoy this process.

If you’re a writer, going forward, ,maybe it's healthy to think and see yourself differently. Maybe, You can try to think of yourself as an orchestrator. Be a composer, use the right instruments to make your story unique, the way you want it to be, sound and feel. Your job isn’t to physically play any instruments, but to harmonize form, creativity and to create and instill emotions in the audience. Why telling a story at all?! STORY has rhythm, and TV at least, is an emotional and visual medium and we always add music at the end to emphasize what poetic justice is all about! Be open and learn how AI can serve us, not more, not less.

Check our Masterclasses and stay up to date!


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