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TV SERIES FESTIVAL creates moments of magic throughout the year for different communities, industries, and generations to connect, share and be inspired one of the world’s leading cultural centres. We believe that by creating new experiences and new encounters (B2B & B2C) – whether in a concert hall, popular theatre, a community centre, or online – we can help everyone to discover more about what we share as a society, humans, celebrate the qualities that make us different and tackle the challenges we all face as a global community together.We would like to thank all those who support us and if you would like to find out more about how you can join and support us, please read on.

Membership Terms and Conditions

During the priority booking period members can access up to four tickets per Festival event before booking opens to the public. This remains subject to availability. Access to tickets for Member events during June is subject to availability. Access to events by invitation (such as the Members programme launch event) is subject to availability.


TV SERIES FESTIVAL reserves the right to change or limit the amount of tickets available for purchase during the priority booking period for specific events where necessary.

TV SERIES FESTIVAL tickets sold both during and after the priority booking period are subject to terms and conditions although TV SERIES FESTIVAL members are entitled to free exchange on all tickets purchased.

Applications to pay for TV SERIES FESTIVAL membership by Direct Debit will not be accepted between the live festival period/ dates .

Membership of the TV SERIES FESTIVAL is available on an annual basis only and, therefore, the cancellation of a monthly Direct Debit instruction prior to the fulfilment of the full annual cost of membership may result in the cancellation of any tickets purchased during the priority booking period.

No refund, exchange or cash alternative is available in place of any TV SERIES FESTIVAL membership benefits.

Gift membership vouchers are non-transferable and are can be activated within 24 months of the date of issue. Once activated, gift memberships are valid for 12 months.

TV SERIES FESTIVAL reserves the right to change the benefits and terms and conditions that apply to membership at any time.

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