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with Prof. Taç Romey, expert in serial storytelling, and Markus Walsch, cross-media producer, screenwriter and AI-storyteller.

July 11, 2023

This 4.5-hour workshop dives into the practical aspects of AI-enhanced storytelling, specifically tailored for screenwriters, producers, and text creatives in the series field. Participants will uncover the potential of AI to create captivating narratives, generate original series concepts, simulate virtual audiences and develop character-driven plots.

The workshop highlights collaboration with AI as a dependable staff writer, and
focuses on essential tech basics. Attendees will experiment with user-friendly AI tools and explore different ways of prompting for series development.

This unique learning opportunity empowers professionals in the series industry to elevate their creative journey with AI.


 Serial and cinematic Storytelling: Professional tools and trends you need to      know. Scientifically based.
►  CreAItive Pingpong: How to engage in creative dialogue with AI.
►  Idea, synopsis and outline with AI.
►  Developing scenes and dialogues with AI
►  You test different AI tools that really work including brand new GPT-4*
►  What can AI do already, what not?
►  Performance of GPT-4 vs. other LLMs*

     *GPT-4 testing subject to public availability at time of event


Plus: Networking with professionals, personalized feedback, handout & guide for your daily work +  exclusive access to the closed expert group CreAItive Writers.

"It is incredibly fun to see AI as your own sparring partner and use it as such. Tac Romey and Markus Walsch accompany you as a team of experts  with a high-quality seminar - I'll definitely do it again! Maria, TV writer, Berlin



 "AI Screenwriting ESSENTIALS

10.00am  2.30pm 

► Master your craft: How to create an original 
► Character driven storytelling - the AI-way
► Your instant personal 24/7 staffwriter
► AI-tools, that really work for our tasks
► Tech basics you need to know
► Prompt Engineering for storytelling
► Basics: Creating visual artwork with AI


Language: English 
199 Euro
/ Walk-up: 249 Euro


Want dig deeper and get more out of it and also work in groups together?

Book the DEEP DIVE (2 Full Days) HERE

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(Travel and lodging is not included. Our partner hotels, close to the campus, offer our visitors and participants festival rates). 







Regular price €199,- (Applicable Sales Tax Will Be Added at Checkout) 

Walk-up Rate €249,-

DEEP DIVE regular price €490,- (Applicable Sales Tax Will Be Added at Checkout)

Walk-up Rate €580,-

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