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Official Jury 2023
Announcement in May!



Melodie Wakivuamina




Onur Saylak.jpg.webp

Onur Saylak





Davide Marengo



("The Hunter")


This was my first year working with the Berlin TV SERIES FESTIVAL.  It was an honor to be asked to be a part of it.  It was a fantastic experience.  This Festival opened me up to brilliant producers, writers, directors and actors that I did not know about, to TV Series that I might not have ever got a chance to see.  The hard part about judging was that all the participants were so good, it was so difficult to choose winners in categories, I wanted to choose them all.  Which is a great testament to the caliber of participants in this festival, truly the best talent in the world were competing.  It also shows how important this festival is, showcasing these amazing programs and giving them more exposure, which they all deserve. Congrats to everyone involved, and I thank the Artistic Director  and the Festival for having me be a part of it."  - Nick Vallelonga , Chair 2020- Two time Golden Globe & Two time Academy Award winner for "Green Book".

Not only was it my biggest pleasure and honor to have been a part of the Judging team for The Berlin TV SERIES FESTIVAL, but what a treat it was to have been introduced to such brilliant works of art from around the world. Great stories told through the eyes of an array of international artists, whom I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of discovering were it not for this awesomely compiled selection.. Thank you Berlin TV SERIES FESTIVAL for having me on board to this very well curated experience!" - Florence Faivre ('The Expanse', Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D') Jury Member 2020

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