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What are the submission deadlines?
The deadline for registering your tv series  or short film is April 15, 2023. (Late Deadline)


How do I submit my series to Berlin Series?

We accept series on our Filmfreeway :

Do you accept documentary series? For which sections?

Yes, we accepts docu-series for the sections Competition & Virtual Premieres on our partner platforms.

Do you accept Short Films?

Yes, we accepts Shorts for the sections Competition & Virtual Premieres.

What do you understand by premiere status?


World Premiere 
The series or short film has never been officially screened before an audience.

International Premiere 
The series of short film has been screened in cinemas or at a national festival in its country of origin, but in no other country.

European Premiere 
The series or short film has been screened or released in cinemas outside Europe, but has never been screened in a European country.

German Premiere 
The series or film has never been screened in Germany.


No Premiere 
The film has been screened and/or premiered in cinemas including Germany. In this case its only option is inclusion in the Out of Competition or Special Screening sections.




Can I apply as a non-European citizen?

Yes, as long as you are interested in working in the German or European market and your project is relevant for the German market. The Pitches will be taking place in CET, so please keep that in mind.

What level of experience do I need to have as a writer or producer?

The programme is aimed at women and men who have at least one credit and experience in the industry, although not necessarily only as a writer or producer.


Can you apply as a team (writer/producer, two producers?

The programme is focused on the selected writer or writer team. We receive many projects from collectives. You are welcome to apply separately, or together if applicable.


Can only writers apply or also producers, commissioning editors or other professionals?

Pitch- Your-Pilot is a platform for new talents and the next generation of producers specifically. We do offer match-makings with networks & streamers at the Berlin Series Conference & Forum.


Will you focus more on the profiles of applicants or the quality of projects during the application process?

We will of course consider both but your individual voice and story concept will be considered with the highest priority.






What is the format of a webinar?

BERLIN SERIES Webinars have various models,  90-minute broadcasts or multi day lectures and workshops, that take place online using a designated software designed for BERLIN SERIES or zoom streaming.

Do I have to be located in a specific location?

No, you can participate from the comfort of your own home using your personal computer! If you attend a live online webinar you will be able to communicate directly with your instructor during the webinar.


What if I cannot attend the live webinar?

If you attend a live online webinar, you will be able to communicate directly with your instructor during the webinar and at the bonus Q&A's.  If you cannot attend a live webinar and purchase an Berlin Series On-Demand webinar, you will have access to the entire recorded broadcast, including the Q&A.

Will I have access to the webinar afterward to rewatch?

Yes! After the purchase of a live or On-Demand webinar, you will have unlimited on-demand access to the recording.


Please read more HERE.

GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS  / Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Furthermore, the general terms and conditions of Berlin Series Festival GmbH are applicable.

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