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Master Class 
with "True Detective"

Creator Nic Pizzolatto

July 12 & 13, 2023
(limited seats available)

© HBO | "True Detective"

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Writer / Director Nic Pizzolatto 

In 2011, Nic Pizzolatto  wrote two episodes for the first season of the crime drama television series The Killing.  In 2012, he created an original television series called True Detective, which was sold to HBO and completed shooting in June 2013, with Pizzolatto as executive producer, sole writer, and showrunner. In January 2014 it became the most watched freshman show in the network's history. The show was critically acclaimed and was so popular the finale crashed HBO's streaming service.


Pizzolatto listed several influences on the show's first season: philosophy books such as Thomas Ligotti's The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, Eugene Thacker's In The Dust of This Planet, Ray Brassier's Nihil Unbound, Jim Crawford's Confessions of an Antinatalist, and David Benatar's Better Never to Have Been. Pizzolatto also mentions horror authors Laird Barron, John Langan, Simon Strantzas, and Ligotti.

We will dig deep in this upcoming Master Class! See the program below. Come and learn from the very best of today´s tv culture!!!




  Masters-On-Masters 45min Interview 

(open doors, free access for everyone)

  Script Analysis of Special Guests TV Series

  Outlining, using Inspiration and Ideas

  Picking Genres

  The Story Structure,  

  Principles of Character Design & Dimension

  Masters-On-Masters Part 1

  Dissection of Scenes 

  Workflow: Feature vs TV Series

  Writing Dialogue 

  Masters-On-Masters Part 2

  The Necessity Of An Artist's  Independence"

As you know our EDUCATION platform will always bring true masters and top notch talent to offer our participants and community multi days courses and classes.  Don't lose the opportunity to learn from these great Masters.


DAY 1, July 12



Mastermind Interview  (45 minutes, free access for everyone)


10.00am  3.00pm (with Lunch Break)


 Script analysis , Story & Character Design

 Principles of character dimensions

 Outlining, using Inspiration and Ideas

 Picking Genres

 Dissecting a Scene of a True Detective Episode

 Q&A with the participants

DAY 2, July 13



 Masters on Masters, guided by Special Guest 

 Writing a Feature vs TV SERIES

 "The Necessity Of An Artist's  Independence"

 Q&A with the industry and participants

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(Travel and lodging is not included. Our partner hotels, close to the campus, offer our visitors and participants festival rates). 





Regular price €490,-   // Walk-up Rate €530,-

(Applicable Sales Tax Will Be Added at Checkout)


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