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If you are looking to take the right step to getting your comedy or drama writing seen by people who can actually move the needle on your career, the Pitch-Your-Pilot application is the perfect opportunity for new emerging writers and fresh voices to be seen, and established creatives to find the right producing partner. We're looking for an unique vision and a genuine voice. Whether you're a veteran writer wanting to explore new paths in storytelling and work with bold executives, or an upcoming talent with great work of long form storytelling, who wants to leave his/her mark on the current TV and SVOD market.

"The Berlin TV SERIES FESTIVAL quickly developed into one of the most important tv festivals in Europe." - Richard Kropf (screenwriter "4 Blocks", "You are wanted")

Pitch-Your-Pilot 2023

Now accepting  drama, comedy, period drama, crime/thriller, sci-fi, sci-fi/horror…). You can submit series, limited-series, webseries concepts & pilots, putting great scripts in the hands of mentors and producers of our partner GAUMONT GERMANY.

At BERLIN SERIES: The Creative Forum we not only arrange meetings with the executives & producers that are part of the JURY,  the Pitch-Your-Pilot winner will have the chance to take part in the exclusive „Gaumont Mentoring Day”.

The winner will be invited to the GAUMONT office in Berlin for one full day and will receive exclusive coaching sessions for the most important aspects of his or her project:

  • Dramaturgy: Talk about the storylines/characters with a team member of Gaumont Germany’s development department. 

  • Creative Producing: Discuss your project with a creative producer of the Gaumont Germany team.

  • Hands-On Producing: Discuss the technical aspect of your project with an experienced representative of Gaumont Germany’s production team.

  • Deal making / Financing / Structuring: Gaumont Germany’s Senior Vice President Business Affairs will share his expertise with the winner.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. If you have already applied for the program and have not been selected, you are welcome to re-apply. However, you must submit a new concept for each new submission period.




  • Writer - individual or team - author/owner of original concepts or adaptation series and searching producers or co-producers.


  • The first season of a series, mini-series or web series as a concept (at least 4 episodes to be considered a serial project).
 All dramas and mixed genres are accepted (drama, comedy, crime thriller, sci-fi, sci-fi/horror...).


  • Authors submitting a project must have experience (at least 1 credit) in a produced series and/or film, or a book publication, or under guidance of industry mentor.

  • The project must not have been presented 6 months before the Pitch-Your-Pilot Forum in a public pitching session to be part of the official selection.


  • A maximum of 2 projects per person can be submitted in the competition.


  • The submission must be in German or English. 


  • Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.

  • Original concept or adaptation.


Each Applicant must submit the following materials to the „The Organising Team“ directly, via email: PYP(at)tvseriesfestival.com

  • Writer´s vision & explain WHY your story is relevant NOW! (1 page maximum) 

  • Bible - synopsis, characters emotional arc, locations (4-5 pages max)

  • Narrative arcs season 1 / possibly season 2 (2 pages max) 

  • Synopsis episode 1 (max 5000 characters) 

  • Photos /mood board / videos, script episode optional

Read the PYP Submission Terms and Conditions, including what we accept and what we do not accept.  




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About Gaumont

Every film is a promise, it pledges entertainment, emotions and inspiration. Every film becomes part of the viewer’s individual biography and outstanding works become part of cultural history. All of this is part of the magic of cinema. Gaumont is one of the most important sponsors and designers in the world, and in 2018, Gaumont extended that magic to a satellite office in Cologne, Germany. From development to distribution, Gaumont combines all stages of film production under one roof. Gaumont has achieved milestones such as “The Fifth Element”, “Léon: The Professional”, “La Boum – The Party” and “The Intouchables”. The company looks back on more than a hundred years of history and is as old as the cinema itself. Since 2018 Gaumont also produces from a German branch. Gaumont Germany, based in Cologne, is managed by Sabine de Mardt. Quite in the tradition of founder Léon Gaumont, exceptional productions are being created. The passion, expertise and innovative spirit of the German team combine to create first-class entertainment, all made in Germany. Immediate after its founding, Gaumont Germany produced “Barbarians”, a German Netflix Original, eagerly awaited by series fans.

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Watch and learn how talented screenwriters present stories of tomorrow to an expert jury and see who emerges as the Pitch-Your-Pilot winner. Make sure you get your seat and take part in the Match Making.