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An essential destination for global tv & music professionals, artists and media pros, the annual summer event features an international tv series competition of the best series from the world with film screenings, sessions, music acts, immersive media & Web3 courses, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities at our creative forum with its Co-Pro Hub and pitching events.

TV SERIES FESTIVAL and its side industry event BISS23 proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and new talents and executives come together.


Join us in July in Berlin, Germany for the Conferences & Festival, where we are celebrating  up-and-coming artists, innovators and storyteller to exchange ideas, present their films,  music, and work in a unique and simply the coolest atmosphere in Berlin. TV SERIES FESTIVAL is the festival for tv culture, series, film, music, education, technology and culture in genreal, that attracts thousands to Berlin, Germany every year.

We are thrilled to present this exciting event dedicated to celebrating the art of television series. Taking place in July 2023, this festival promises to be a captivating experience for both TV lovers and industry professionals alike.


At the TV SERIES FESTIVAL, we aim to showcase the very best in the series world,  recognizing the incredible talent and creativity that goes into producing captivating television shows. Our event provides a platform for both established and emerging television series, offering a diverse range of genres and narratives that cater to all interests.


Our festival is a unique opportunity for television enthusiasts around the world to come together and engage in a shared celebration of their favorite shows. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a casual viewer, or an industry insider, the TV SERIES FESTIVAL offers something for everyone.

As a global culture & industry platform where top execs come to network, exchange, and make deals. TV SERIES FESTIVAL & BISS23 is a home for creatives: writers, creative producers, storytellers, senior executives, musicians,  that are committed to find new talent and stories, cosmopolitanism, multiple perspectives, open dialogue, and hospitality. We are always highlighting great new works of Berlin & Brandenburg, its Talents & Production Houses and all forms of creative and artistic expressions in all of our festival sections.


Highlights of this year’s TVSF include:


Premieres and Screenings: Be the first to catch exclusive premieres of highly anticipated television series and enjoy special screenings. Immerse yourself in the world of your great characters and discover captivating new stories.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals, including producers, casting directors, and talent agents, to explore potential collaborations and career opportunities. Forge valuable connections within the television industry and expand your network.


Panel Discussions and Q&A Sessions: Engage with industry professionals, including actors, writers, directors, and producers, as they share insights into the creation and production of your beloved TV series. Participate in thought-provoking panel discussions and Q&A sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the art of television.


Fan Interactions: Meet fellow enthusiasts and engage in lively discussions about your favorite shows. Swap theories, dissect plot twists, and connect with like-minded fans who share your passion for television series.


Workshops and Masterclasses: Dive into the craft of television production through interactive workshops and masterclasses led by industry experts. Learn about screenwriting, directing, editing, and other aspects of creating captivating TV series.


Awards and Recognitions: Celebrate excellence in television series through our prestigious awards ceremony. Witness the recognition of outstanding performances, innovative storytelling, and exceptional contributions to the world of television.

Don't miss out on this exciting event that will leave you inspired and eager for the next chapter in the world of television series. We look forward to welcoming you to the TV Series Festival in July 2023!

Learn more about registration and how to book your hotel for 2 days of discovery and creative inspiration!


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