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BERLIN SERIES has created an unique Television Platform in Europe for the global industry, that assures a fully integrated and multicultural program with the Masters of Cinema and Television. With showcasing cinematic work of our chairs, guests and patrons, which highlights the human condition, values and diversity, we celebrate their artistic achievements. We have created an exclusive boutique festival and home for all creatives, top executives, streamers and broadcasters to present new content, find new audiences and talents.

Teufel_Pitch-Your-Pilot_Wettbwerb 2017.jpg


We aim to bring attention to deserving programs and TV shows of diverse and inclusive background, spotlighting authentic talents and established voices and recognizing positive programming across the year. With the Berlin Series Sections we spread important messages, not only inside the television & music business, that impact and inspire audiences around the globe.



“The TV SERIES  FESTIVAL Berlin has quickly become one of the most important tv festivals in Europe." RICHARD KROPF, Writer/Producer, '4 Blocks', ‘You Are Wanted’

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