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Visual storytelling powered by Artificial Intelligence: In this class, you will learn from experienced experts and writers how to use Artificial Intelligence to work efficiently  with your writing team for the development of series and films. 

An immersive deep dive into AI-powered series development, featuring a limited-access Writers' Room experience tailored for series developers like screenwriters or creative producers.


Supercharge your series development skills and learn from industry experts in an intimate Writers' Room setting.

Writer's Room Part 1: Explore the AI-powered Writer's Room,

Learn the 5-step AI pitching process, and understand the headwriter's evolving role. Delve into effective idea generation, loglines, and synopses, while benefiting from individual coaching in writers' rooms.

Writer's Room Part 2: Engage in collaborative group work to refine audience, title, characters, dialogues, and visuals. Get in touch with AI-built virtual personas, representing fans and target audiences. Discover the art of creating AI-driven beatsheets, maximizing GPT-4's potential, and mastering specialized prompts.


Pitch Presentation - A Standard Pitch Deck for Commissioners 

Conclude with a polished pitch presentation and receive personalized feedback.


 Serial and cinematic Storytelling: Professional tools and trends    you need to know. Scientifically based.
►  CreAItive Pingpong: How to engage in creative dialogue with AI.
►  Idea, synopsis and outline with AI.
►  Developing scenes and dialogues with AI
►  You test different AI tools that really work 
►  What can AI do already, what not?


Plus: Networking with professionals, personalized feedback, handout & guide for your daily work + exclusive access to the closed member's club.

"It is great fun to understand how to use  AI as your own sparring partner . It's all you need to start with your project and lay a foundation and structure." - Felix,  TV writer, Berlin


DAY 1 


10.00am  2.30pm 

► Master your craft: How to create an original 
► Character driven storytelling - the AI-way
► Your instant personal 24/7 staffwriter
► AI-tools, that really work for our tasks
► Tech basics you need to know
► Prompt Engineering for storytelling
► Basics: Creating visual artwork with AI

"Writer's Room A"

04.00pm  18.30pm 
► The AI-powered Writer’s room
► How to pitch with AI in 5 steps
► The headwriter’s new r
► Ideas that work
► Ideation, logline, synopsis
► Individual coaching in writers’ rooms

DAY 2 

"Writer's Room B (Group work)"

10.00am  15.30pm 

► Group Work

► Audience, title, characters, dialogues, visuals 
► Creating beatsheets with AI
► Getting the most out of GPT-4
► Prompting specials
► Getting to the pitch
► Presentation incl. individual feedback



(Travel and lodging is not included. Our partner hotels, close to the campus, offer our visitors and participants festival rates). 

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