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BERLIN SERIES: "Home Edition"

We’re all in this together. From your apartment in Paris, Madrid, London, Vienna, Capetown or Berlin, the question for many is how we can keep fueling our brains with all this darn downtime.

Especially in times like this, in lock down, we have to find ways to keep good health and mental strength, gain peaceful days. We simply have to do our best.

BERLIN SERIES will open a dialogue to more than our community and will explore what other industries and people close to us think and do, which brings us to why we want to act, at least do our tiny bit to help families, friends and our attendees of course to feel a bit better.

So please check our newsletter where we´ll ad our special events to the top. There will be a new podcast and programs as we take very soon some of our live programs digital. Programs dedicated to addressing the impact of the pandemic, economic slowdown on all creative arts and artistic community.



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