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Breaking down Breaking Bad with Robert McKee @ Berlin Series 2017

Storytelling on television has entered a new era - its Golden Age. Robert McKee's all-new TV Series Day brings you the tools and the knowledge to master the television's long form storytelling challenges. McKee says that if her were a young writer, he would work in television, which has progressed further than the big screen in recognizing the importance of writers, giving them creative power and financial reward. This is why today's best writing is on TV. The long form TV Series is the evolution of the epic poem, begging for the character and plot complexity great enough to sustain 100 hours of story. The art of long form storytelling is an art all to itself.

On TV Day, Mr. McKee will show and analyze BREAKING BAD's Season 4 finale “FACE OFF”. If possible, he asks everyone to watch all 62 episodes prior to the seminar. If you don't have time, make sure to watch at least the Season 4 finale and a couple of episodes leading up to it.

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