by Morgan Gendel

TV DRAMA & GENRE SEMINAR. ln 6x 2 hour "LIVE"classes, Mr. Gendel will give his comprehensive insight into the world of STORY, serial narratives, and his teachings on all the conventions of popular genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller & Crime, writer´s room methods, story structure, character development, and much more.


Showrunner Morgan Gendel, has written or produced more than 250 episodes of television, including LAW & ORDER, STAR TREK, DROP DEAD DIVA and THE 100, on which he recently served as Co-Executive Producer. He is also known as writer of the episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, “THE INNER LIGHT,” which Variety calls “TREK’s most beloved story.” After serving as showrunner and executive producer on SPIDER-MAN, V.I.P. and THE DRESDEN FILES, Gendel made his entrance into the German television market, organizing and mentoring the Writers’ Room for the TV series UNSCHULDIG.


Now he´s sharing his all new digital program with us. This digital masterclass series will teach you literally dozens of professional techniques for mastering every step of the creative writing process: premise, theme, character, story world, plot, structure, and top genres, the most important writers room techniques to the roadmapping of your tv script development. 





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What you´ll learn in depths & detail:


Story World  Building Essentials

18:00 20.00

DAY 2 

Character Elements & Genre Worlds

18:00 20.00

• How to build a story world so specific it'll have universal appeal

• The overlooked treasure trove in the relationship between WORLD, PLOT and CHARACTERS

• How to wrangle pure imagination like it's a race horse and ride it to the finish line

• The secret character element that made STAR TREK an enduring concept.

• Genre worlds I: Horror. An examination of "A QUIET PLACE"

• Genre worlds II: Crime. Tales from the LAW & ORDER Writers' Room

• Genre worlds III: Period drama. From MAD MEN to DOWNTON ABBEY

• Genre worlds IV: Sci-Fi. A walk through the trenches of THE 100 STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE


Supporting your chosen story world

18:00 20.00


Roadmapping the script

18:00 20.00

• Creating a solid foundation to support your world

• Intro to the 6 Litmus Tests, follow this an 80% of the work is done

• The secret element that made STAR WARS an enduring concept

• The eerie world inside the writer's head and how to get it onto the page

• How the best writers use writing style to convey the mood of a setting

• The essence of Writers' Room collaboration for solo writers and producers

• Roadmapping the script and series development

• Balancing conflict and collaboration between writers, producers and redacteurs


Selling your Story World- secret ingredients

18:00 20.00


Part 2: Selling your world

18:00 20.00

• Needs of the international buyer

• Passion: The secret ingredient

• The standard U.S. drama series pitch template

• Why buyers don't like words

• The Look Book

• Learn from a tale of 2 pilots

• TV BUSINESS Q&A (Bonus 30min)




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All writers

are genre writers...

Every story, no matter who creates it, flows from a tradition of core events, core characters, and core values with roots running through human time.

The writer's first task is to identify the genre, or combination of genres that will inspire his or her creativity.

The second task is to master its possibilities.

The third task is to satisfy its audience’s expectations while you take them into unanticipated pleasures.


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