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Unveiling the Festival Poster Series 2023

For several years now, TV SERIES FESTIVAL has been recognizable thanks to its creative and vibrant campus, events and atmosphere during the summer in multi-cultural hot spot Berlin, the city that attracts creatives and talents from all walks of life and different backgrounds. International producers, writers, actors, directors musicians, songwriters, simply excellent artists come to Berlin City. With the density of top-notch talents and executives, as much as tv fans, TV SERIES FESTIVAL is a place to discover TV Culture at its best! The Festival presents and unveils this year’s poster, with its main protagonist BAMBOO in his daily life as a showrunner and storyteller. Black and white and from Asia, Bamboo stands for a multi-cultural, diverse and inclusive Berlin, where the most authentic storytellers find a home base to work and share the best stories and tv shows with the world in collaborate across boarders with all cultures.

Designed by artists and designer @carlosvin_lopes

Design by @carlosvin_lopes


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