"Transformation in Creating a Character"
(The Divine, the Material,

Violence & the Irrational

in Character Development)

 Emmy nominated Actor & Acting Coach

Michael Margotta

Acting, writing, directing are all processes of discovery. You have to be willing to say, “We are all here to undergo a communion, to find out what the hell is going on in this World.” If you are not willing to say that, what you get is entertainment instead of Art, and poor entertainment at that. In this course we want to help Actors to think about human behavior in dramatic terms.

We need new scenarios that raise moral, psychological and social questions. Actors must feel the responsibility to find the harmonious relationship of content and form. This is a gigantic problem with every character an Actor works on and every script a Director directs.

The purpose is to explore new narratives through character development, considering shape, structure, focus, intention and logic by raising moral, psychological, social questions. Each session features exercises; to listen, to concentrate, to flex our muscles, to help us use our intuition and think instantly. You will act & improvise, work on the characters biography and your instrument, your body.

Leave the seminar with a roadmap on how to build your dream character and shape your own new scene picking up the pen yourself!

In the end we want characters who are real and alive and believable, exploring all aspects of writing in the process: research, content, context, conflict, action, dramatic premise, genre, structure, dialogue. Acting is writing in the movies and in theater.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" - Margaret  Mead


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The absolute best at helping anyone understand how great stories work. I’ve learned so much about story from this man.” Tyler Perry, 2019

"Peter's not only a genius at teaching story, he's also taught me deep, psychological tips on deepening character, which I find makes the difference between a formulaic script and a sellable script." Hal Ozsan (Sons of Anarchy, What Would Diplo Do?, Black List)

"Peter's development class is a big reason for my success at Mr. Robot. The guy is a flat-out brilliant teacher of story form."  Kor Adana, Writer , 2020


Day 1: The Eight Critical Tools Of Writing Great TV &
The Secrets of the Hour Long TV Form


  • The Most Critical Elements of All TV Story - Finding Your Hero's Super talent, Core Wounds, Unsolvable Dilemmas, and more.

  • Finding Your Story's Originality and Excitement - Bending All the Rules, Or Even Breaking Them, and STEALING Stuff, too (includes Q&A)

  • Structure and Secrets of Hour-Long TV Creating the Great Pilot - Finding Your Story's BMMOC Question.

  • What I've Learned Selling TV Pilots in 2020

Day 2: The Secrets of the Half Hour & Limited (Mini) Series: 

  • The Secrets of the Half Hour TV Story - Creating the Great Pilot

  • The Secrets of the Limited (Mini) Series

  • Creating Pitch Decks & Show Bibles That Sell Your Series

  • Creating your TV Loglines - plus Q&A about YOUR Story


Peter Russell started as a story analyst in the 1990s, and has read over 3,000+ screenplays for major film and television giants including Imagine Entertainment, Participant Productions, HBO, CBS, Walden Entertainment. He consulted on many current TV shows, including GENIUS (National Geographic series 2017-present) MR. ROBOT (Emmy for Best New Television Drama 2015), Chronicles Of Narnia (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe), The Da Vinci Code (Imagine Films) and many others. Clients include Hal Ozsan (Black List, Sons of Anarchy, What

Would Diplo Do?), Peter Cillela (Resolution, The Endlass, Occupant), Tate Hanyok (The Office, Community, Transparent, Shameless) and many more.


As he read these scripts, he started seeing deep, hidden patterns in the best stories. He wrote these down and started getting jobs FIXING writer’s stories. Peter Russell was invited to teach at UCLA in 2004, and it became a passion, too.  He was UCLA’s Teacher of the Year in 2009. 

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