As a global TV industry platform where top execs come to network, exchange, and make deals. BERLIN SERIES is home to writers, creative producers, senior executives that are committed to find new talent and stories, cosmopolitanism, multiple perspectives, open dialogue, and hospitality. We are always highlighting great new works of Berlin & Brandenburg, its Talents & Production Houses and all forms of creative and artistic expressions in all of our festival sections.

Series of the World (Drama, Comedy, Documentary & Animated Series + Short Films with strong, diverse POC cast and crew).


The audience experiences big names of the tv industry scene and the stars of tomorrow in a very special setting. The international guests present their projects

at the festival Campus in Berlin City West closed to the Berlin Zoo. Moderated panels provide a platform for insight and perspective, as well as exciting discussions. It is not unusual for the works to celebrate their premiere at the TV SERIES FESTIVAL. The events conclude with the grand finale ceremony.

We promote, encourage and celebrate the growth and development of serial storytelling, tv series, mini series, all long-form formats + short films and animation projects of new and emerging talents and producers from all over the world. Please see HERE.

A New Tomorrow

Contemporary political issues and scientific discourse are discussed, as are trends in the literary scene with all its forms, temperaments, and styles from the mainstream to the niche. The aim of BERLIN SERIES is to address as broad an audience as possible and to involve them in a variety of ways. In short, BERLIN SERIES offers individuals in Berlin and the surrounding region an extraordinary opportunity to gain a curated insight into the fascinating world of international content to discuss stories, facts, society, innovation and a new tomorrow, today!

Diversity is the Norm

We strongly support and promote BiPoc talents in the audiovisual, media and art industry and focus on their new work with the aim to promote it throughout the year with our Digital BERLIN SERIES MAG.