This digital "LIVE"Masterclass ist for writers & producers

Don’t miss this opportunity to master the craft of story and compete with the best writers in the world. 


Showrunner & Producer Morgan Gendel serves as a story consultant for major studios and production companies worldwide, and has been in writer's rooms in the U.S. and  Germany for movies and television dramas for the likes of ProSieben, FOX, HBO, Paramount, and more.

As a lecturer Morgan Gendel‘s principles and methods are the most modern, exciting approach storytelling to be developed in a generation, which is why his classes are fully booked around the world. We bring his all new digital class, insight, expertise and knowledge to our BERLIN SERIES digital MASTERCLASS Series.

This 6 days (2x a week)"LIVE" Masteclass will teach you literally dozens of professional techniques for mastering every step of the writing process: premise, character, theme, story world, plot, structure, the top genres, from the the most important writers room techniques to the roadmapping of your tv script development. We will have special guests attending as well.

Morgan Gendel has written or produced more than 250 episodes of television, including LAW & ORDER, DROP DEAD DIVA and THE 100, on which he recently served as Co-Executive Producer. He is best known as writer of the episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, “THE INNER LIGHT,” which the Hollywood trade publication Variety calls “TREK’s most beloved story.”

After serving as showrunner and executive producer on SPIDER-MAN, V.I.P. and THE DRESDEN FILES Gendel made his entrance into the German television market, organizing and mentoring the Writers’ Room for the TV series UNSCHULDIG.  As an ongoing consultant, he supervised story and script development for numerous other series in the Crime and Supernatural genres, and his current new sci-fi series is in development.


Are you ready to dive in with us into the craft of writing and producing your own TV SERIES? Learn more about the minds of true masters sharing their expertise, knowledge, ideas and their structural process in our new program.




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