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Nic Pizzolatto about True Detective - how he wrote ALL THREE Seasons

Nic Pizzolatto about True Detective - how he wrote ALL THREE Seasons

Nic Pizzolatto about his inspiration, youth, his passion for literature and writing, and how he approached his process of creating True Detective (Season 1 - Season 3). He's interviewed by Oscar winning Writer/Producer Nick Vallelonga ("Green Book") in this amazing conversation about the art of storytelling. TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - 01:25 Introduction 01:26 - Background and Upbringing 02:40 - I was a visual artist... 04:00 - In UNIVERSITY... 05:25 - I started publishing short stories.... and I was a reader 06:10 - What I really loved was story... I had the sense the world ran on stories 07:50 - The DEPTH of your writing ... 09:15 - I did always like the Police & Crime Drama 10:15 - What do I need to do to become a showrunner? 11:15 - But I WAS HUNGRY 12:58 - My idea for the novel... 15:23 - It was a conscious design by you.... to break into the tv/movie business 16:10 - What interesting about all three was like I was reading a book... 17:05 - It came so easy.. within those restrictions you can do a lot of really interesting stuff 18:43 - I tend to direct on the page but it seems to work for the actors 19:40 - When I write action ... I write every beat of that action 20:55 - How did you get TRUE DETECTIVE up and running ? 29:27 - Yea... cuz it's MINE... we're only going if I am the SHOWRUNNER 30:10 - Showrunners get fired all the time... as a creator, actors are your best advocates 32.00 - How was your relationship to the DIRECTOR? 33:00 - Season 2 with a lot more cooks in the kitchen 36:09 - Season 3 how did you come up with the STORYLINE 40:00 - "He's gonna forget he solved it.... but what he's gonna gain is himself" 43:00 - Watching Season 3 for me... You brought it all together 47:34 - Your choice of an actor 50:23 - That was entirely Mahershala Ali's extremely meticulous performance 53:26 - WHAT is your PROCESS? 58:50 - "Very special moment" .... "I liked that the DETECTIVE had to go and asked the lost girl..." 59:39 - AFTER three noir tv shows and living in degrees of darkness... 1:00:35 - I have new projects with actors attached 1:03:00 - What kind of advice would you give aspiring storytellers and writers? 🔽 CONNECT WITH US - Official website: - LinkedIn: TV SERIES FESTIVAL - Twitter: @berlinseries - TikTok: @berlinseries - Instagram: tvseriesfestival Join our newsletter: Film Submissions: Masterclasses: IG: @tvseriesfestival Twitter: @berlinseries TikTok: @berlinseries #truedetective #writer #story #tvseries #series




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